Mirror2 @ FRDaFonseca


This site is one element of a group of 5 sites (mirror1, mirror2, mirror3, mirror4, and mirror5) which sole aim is providing alternative locations from where you can download the LITE versions of my applications, as is required by download sites.

In this way, if you are here and you are not working for a download site, then you are probably lost. Fear not, if you visit the Software Projects' page, you will be presented to all my current software projects and, possibly, by doing so, you will find your way by visiting the page of one of those.

If you are here and you would like to help me into promoting my applications, then you just have to copy the link to the PAD File associated with each one of the presented applications and provide that link to one or more download sites. Most download sites only require this link to include an application into their catalogue, thus, you won't dispend much time doing so!

There are two other ways in which you can help me into promoting my applications (assuming you like them): 1) give 5 stars to them on the download sites where you find them; and 2) talk about these applications with your friends, both online and offline!

If you are considering helping me, then thanks in advance!

Best regards,

Filipe Rhodes da Fonseca